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Jewelry Brand

3.5x more add to carts, 2x ROAS

Activewear Brand

223 recaptured sales and +$17,500 in 100 hours

T-Shirt Brand

ROAS increased 15% and revenue increased 18%

Clothing Brand

26% more abandoned cart emails sent & ROAS increased 40% 

Nutrition Brand

453 recaptured sales and +69,000 in 15 days

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And the bad news is..

The cookie-less era and 7-day tracking limits?

They’re here to stay

Crippling your retargeting campaigns

Meaning you spend more money on ads

Whilst recovering less abandoned carts than ever before

All leading to less purchases every single month


Is there any good news?

Rocket Dyno recovers those lost sales in 14 days 🛍️

Serverside Tracking gives you a Lifetime ID

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Taking previously anonymous visitors

And matching it to verified first party data

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9-Figure Men’s T-Shirt Brand Recovers $334,000 

Our objective here was to increase their Klaviyo sales by improving customer data accuracy. 

After installing Visitor Edge, their EMQ* scores increased 30% immediately*(Event Match Quality - the accuracy of tracked events) 

This generated 33% more page views, 23% more content views, 41% more add to carts and 10% more total sales

These sales totalled $334,382 and attributed to an 18% increase in Klaviyo revenue inside 60 days

These sales would have been previously missed due to cookie loss

But with Visitor Edge, you can increase conversions and unlock hidden profits in just 14 days without being a penny out of pocket or changing anything in your business

Activewear Brand recaptures $17,500 in 100 hours 

We instantly tracked 50,000+ ‘anonymous’ re-engagement events

Recovering 223 new purchases, including 104 first time buyers

Unlocking $17,500 in additional revenue in just 100 hours

Without spending a single cent more on ads

Visitor Edge doubles 7-Fig Jewelry Brands’ ROAS 

After improving their EMQ scores by 30% in the first hour

We were able to send 3x more emails to tracked visits 

The 2.4x lift in Product Views and 3.5x lift in Add to Carts led to a 2x ROAS

Without going a penny out of pocket

7-Fig Clothing Brand increases ROAS by 40%

We were able to send 26% more abandoned carts and double their SMS subscriber list

All of which increased Add to Carts by 31%

This led to email campaign revenue tripling and their ROAS increasing by 40%

Without changing a single thing in their business

We guarantee to increase your stores conversions in 14 days 🚀

100% DFY. Pay NOTHING Upfront. Pay for Results ONLY

Step 1: We install Visitor Edge on your store for free

Step 2: We recover previously lost events to the iOS updates

Step 3: We match them to verified 1st Party Data

Step 4: We turn these ‘lost’ leads into sales

Step 5: You unlock hidden profits stuck inside your store

Step 6: You pay us a % of that additional revenue

Nutrition Brand recovers $69,000 in 15 Days

Our objective here was to increase Klaviyo re-marketing revenue

Within 15 days of activating Visitor Edge, we we able to track an additional 53,000 page views and 37,000 product views

This lift in attribution tracking allowed us to gain 3,250 additional Add to Carts

And 453 additional purchases, 276 of which were new customers

These sales are currently locked in your business too, but there’s a way to get them out